What would your life be like if you….

Stopped being afraid, Felt healthier & happier?

Do you want to find out ?

Would you like some help letting go of the anxiety of everyday life?

 Just Imagine what that would look like & how great it would feel!


Indiana Hypnosis for Change can help you make those dreams come true.


At Indiana Hypnosis for Change, we understand that you might have tried to make changes and been unsuccessful in the past. Maybe you feel fearful of failing again?

We understand this. However if you have only tried to change using your willpower, success will be more difficult to come by.

In a contest between your will and your imagination, your imagination will always win! What exactly does this mean? How do you talk to yourself about your problem?

“I look awful in this dress!”,” I am so fat!”, “I will be a monster to live with if I quit smoking.” “Withdrawal is so hard to go through.” “I can’t get on that airplane, I’ll panic.” “I’d love to___, but I’m afraid.” “I can’t feel good, my life is too sad.”

Any of those sound familiar? It’s the story you tell yourself that sticks in your imagination.

These are programs that your unconscious mind runs automatically! Let us help you change those old outdated corrupt files.

Indiana Hypnosis for Change can help you to eliminate those self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, rewriting new ideas of success & wellness.

You will find hypnosis to be a very relaxing and positive experience. You are never “under the control”of another person. In fact while in hypnosis YOU are actually more in control. You are always able to make decisions for yourself.

Besides more traditional hypnosis, Toni uses a more modern approach to transwork called FasterEFT

Toni Macri Reiner is one of the only certified level lll Faster EFT practitioners in the Midwest!

Faster EFT is a methodology developed by Robert Smith. It is a collection of many  techniques, hypnosis, EFT &  Neuro Linguistic programing to name a few.  Faster EFT is a universal healing system that can address virtually anything including, but not limited to the Release of: Anxiety • Low Self-esteem • Fears • Phobias • Creative Blocks • Weight • Depression • Grief & Loss • Cravings • Headache • Relationship Problems • Insomnia • Bad Habits • Disease • Allergy • Pain • Fatigue • Trauma Addictions Improve: Weight Control • Energy • Performance • Sleep & Relaxation • Immune System. The techniques are designed to help you make changes quickly. Restoring how you represent your past & project your future. Faster EFT is a self empowering system.

 Faster EFT is simply a system that works to release stress and create a positive change in virtually anything you address with it.

At Indiana Hypnosis for Change, we teach you ways to not only heal your past but build a better future.

You will receive a personalized program-no one size fits all pre-recorded tapes are used.



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